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Birches Print 007

Enjoy a Scandinavian flavour with this atmospheric woodland print and embrace hygge.

These particular birches are along Rothbury’s old abandoned railway line, now a cycle route and part of the 97 mile long route of The St Oswald’s Way walk. Far from having monotone trunks in predictable shades of black to white, birches can be surprisingly colourful. Individual specimens can have young growth as red and shiny as a fairground toffee apple, alongside mature boughs of papery pink, bruised orange and mossy green. Their fine, whiplash branches are a filigree of purple-black and are beautiful in every season.

Printed with a white border, on a heavy duty matt paper. Shipped flat, without mount, ready to frame.

SIZE- Coloured area of print 29 cm x 34.5 cm