Absolutely NOT a David Hockney!

Absolutely not a David Hockney- but my own painting of Northumberland.

When I was a 3D Design student at Manchester Poly, I remember one of our metal working tutors telling me that he'd been in the same year as David Hockney at the Royal College of Art. After graduation when everyone was clearing out their studio spaces, David H went from room to room with a bale of his prints offering free copies to fellow graduates. My tutor revealed how he'd  exasperatedly replied, "For goodness sake David- chuck them in the bin like everyone else!"

Years later I met the sister of a colleague- who had been in the very same group of Art students at the RCA. Totally unprompted, she told the exact same story!

Needless to say, that by the time they told this tale, they both heartily wished they had accepted even just one of DH's early prints!!