Special Commissions

If you don’t see a painting of YOUR favourite place it’s very easy commission one.

Prices are exactly the same, size for size, as my existing works and are calculated by area.

My standard sized canvas board is 30 x 40 cm (this is the painted area). Once framed in my preferred “Double White” frame this size becomes 16cm longer in each direction. The current price for this is £570. 

I can paint to any size, but 30 x 40 cm is the smallest size I will consider. Once both parties are clear what is required, I need a non-refundable deposit of 10% before I go to the site to sketch and take photographs to work from.

(If your favourite place isn’t in Northumberland I will need you to provide your own GOOD photos for me to work from. I can not work from other photographers’ work without their written permission as they retain copyright.)

Likewise, please note that even if you buy a commissioned work from me, the copyright remains with me- which means that you can not reproduce copies of my work at any point in the future as cards, prints etc without my written permission and paying an additional fee.