Life Changing Art

You entirely changed our lives you know.” The words of my customer took me by surprise. She went on to explain that over a year ago she and her husband had bought a copy of my print “Waiting for the Next Leaf to Fall”. At the time I'd explained that the scene I had painted was of autumnal trees behind Harbottle Castle, near a kink in the River Coquet, known as “The Devil's Elbow”. So after leaving the gallery, they had immediately gone to see the place for themselves and enjoyed a wonderful walk.

Once home, my print was hung in their sitting room and often when they looked at it, they said to one another “What are we doing living and working here, when really we want to be back home in Northumberland?” This year they decided to do something about making their dream a reality. The wife has already taken early retirement and the husband is in the process of doing the same. They are currently up here on a house hunting trip... looking at houses for sale in Harbottle, Hepple and Rothbury.


It's funny how a whole chain of events can take place on the strength of a few words........ And  that you might never know that you had provided the catalyst to change someone else's life.